ADDDESIGN Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2008 and its headquarters in Guangzhou is located in Guangzhou. Providing international architecture, interior, soft furnishings and product design services, we are committed to providing professional integrated design solutions to customers in Greater China and around the world. The company's designed commercial projects are distributed in more than ten major cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Sanya, Chengdu, Wuhan, Haikou, Changsha, etc. The works have won numerous awards in the world's major authority design awards. ADDDESIGN has a sound organizational structure and quality management system, the project covers hotel clubs, headquarters offices, commercial malls and public buildings. It has successfully provided interior design and consulting services for more than 10 international hotel management groups, more than 20 international brands, more than 50 luxury hotels, headquarters buildings and commercial malls. It has been fully awarded by Hilton, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Wyndham, InterContinental Hotels. Group, Swire Properties, Poly Real Estate and other international brand groups are highly recognized. With the international vision, avant-garde design concept, cutting-edge technology and perfect project control mode, ADDDESIGN provides customers with high-quality design works and systematically enhances the industrial value of the project with a comprehensive industrial chain design service.


"It's better to do better,
if not, let's create."

ADDDESIGN is both a team and a concept. The purpose of this paper is to interpret the connotation of architecture from the perspective of a broad city and the specific space experience, to look at the trend of global urbanization, to use the international design concept, to fasten the status quo of China's cities, and to explore research in the field of design based on the present urban problems. With a deep understanding of the city and architecture, we are committed to the design of space, lighting, materials and shape of the interaction between the excavation of its unique order, the continuation and creation of a unique personality of the building. With the development of social economy and the globalization of cultural exchanges, the design of "modern design" to meet the architectural space and function of the level, will continue to explore the depth and breadth of the design of more possibilities.




  • 室內設計 Interior Design
  • 軟裝設計 Soft installation Design
  • 配飾設計 Accessories Design
  • 燈光設計 Lighting Design
  • 建築顧問 Construction Consultant
  • 景觀顧問 Landscape Consultant
  • 駐場服務 On-site Service


  • 酒店會所 Hotel&club
  • 總部辦公 Office headquarters
  • 商業商場 Shopping mall
  • 公共建築 Pubulic architecture
  • 品牌连锁 Brand chain
  • 住宅產業 Real estate


  • 結構技術支持 Structure technology
  • 機械技術支持 Mechanical technique
  • 排水技術支持 Water system technology
  • 強電技術支持 Strong current technology
  • 弱電技術支持 Weak current technology
  • 空調技術支持 HVAC technical
  • 智能技術支持 Intelligent technical
  • 廚房技術支持 Kitchen technical
  • 泳池技術支持 Swimming technical
  • 後勤技術支持 Logistics technical
  • 導向系統支持 Visual guide technical


  • 希爾頓酒店集團 Hilton Hotels Corporation
  • 文華東方酒店集團 Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
  • 希爾頓酒店及度假村 Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • 希爾頓歡朋酒店 Hampton by Hilton
  • 溫德姆酒店集團 Wyndham Hotel Group
  • 華美達酒店 Ramada
  • 洲際酒店集團 InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG)
  • 智選假日酒店 Holiday Inn Express
  • 麗笙酒店集團 Radisson Hotel Group
  • 錦江國際酒店集團 Jin Jiang International (Group)
  • 格蘭雲天國際酒店 Grand Skylight
  • 三千旅居酒店 3000 Sojourn Hotel
  • 慕思健康睡眠酒店 DeRUCCI Hotels
  • 鉑濤集團 Plateno Group
  • 保利地產 Poly Real Estate
  • 建業地產 Central Real Estate
  • 唯品會 Vipshop
  • 廣汽本田 GAC HONDA
  • 廣發證券 Gf Securities
  • 摩登大道時尚集團 Modern Avenue