13th 2020 Taiwan Interior Design Award & Competition Grand Prize

第十三屆TID Award台灣室內設計大獎

第十三屆2020 TID Award 臺灣室內設計大獎賽公佈獲獎名單,ADD加設計榮獲TID Award 設計大獎。商業空間 | 酒店空間類僅有2個作品獲此殊榮。臺灣室內設計大獎參賽作品來自世界各地,得獎作品也較以往呈現了更多元的面向,ADD加設計作品從全球眾多優秀作品中脫穎而出,贏得TID設計大獎。

The 13th 2020 Taiwan Interior Design Award & Competition announced the winners, and ADD won the TID Grand Prize. Commercial Space | Hotel Space only two works have won this award.

The entries for the TID Award come from all over the world, and the winning entries also present more diverse aspects than previous ones. ADD's works stood out from many excellent projects around the world and won the TID Grand Prize. Works that have won the TID Grand Prize will have the opportunity to compete for the TID Gold Award. The winning results will be announced at the award ceremony in mid-September.


The TID Award is an important competition platform for the progress of the interior design profession in Greater China. The jury invited internationally renowned design masters to examine the works from the perspectives of international Chinese and global design platforms. The 2020 TID Award still emphasizes the uniqueness and originality of design works according to the past. In an attempt to select works that are different from previous aesthetics, more innovative in practice, closer to life, and more responsive to the times, to express the interaction and responsibility between the interior design industry and society as a whole. To deepen the vision of interior design for the future, in the hope that it will lead the pattern and positioning of the interior design field in one step. TID Award has become the highest professional achievement award for interior design professionals in the Chinese region.

TID Award 在大中華地區為室內設計專業進步的重要競賽平臺,評審團邀請國際知名設計大師,以國際華人和全球設計平臺的觀點來審視作品。2020 TID Award 依照往例仍然強調設計作品的獨特性和原創性,企圖選出有別以往的美學,更創新實踐、更貼近生活,更回應時代的作品,以表達室內設計產業與社會全體之間的互動與責任,加深室內設計對未來的視野,以期盼更近一步引領室內設計領域之格局與定位,已成為華人地區室內設計專業最高的專業成就獎。